Discover the Key to Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior: New Book FIX YOU, FIX YOUR DOG Explores the Canine Psyche to Improve Dog Training Standards

Seasoned dog trainer shares proven philosophy on canine behavior modification in new book from Palmetto Publishing

CHARLESTON, SC, November , 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Dog owners often find themselves asking what motivates their pet to behave in a certain way, but according to dog trainer Emily Adams understanding the mind of a dog, is easier than it seems. For over fifteen years, Emily Adams has been working with troublesome dogs whose owners have been turned away because their dogs were deemed too difficult or aggressive. Over the course of her career as a trainer, she has learned a thing or two about the canine psyche and has concluded that dogs are often misunderstood, and through her new book, she hopes to change how dogs are perceived and trained.

In “Fix You, Fix Your Dog,” Adams presents the ultimate guide to dog training for dog owners who are looking to manage undesirable behaviors. Seeking to improve dog training standards, Adams illuminates the fundamental tenets for recognizing the needs of a dog and instructs dog owners to look within themselves to identify the actions that lead to and reinforce behavioral issues. From potty training secrets and proper exercise to examining the reactive mind of a dog, Adams’ insights and anecdotes blend the right amount of practical advice and humor to ensure success for even the unruliest pet.

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About the Author

Emily Adams is a professional dog trainer with over fifteen years of experience in the field. She founded K9 Boot Camp, a dog training facility in New Jersey that specialized in training difficult dogs. Now working privately with clients, she continues to carry on her mission of helping rehabilitate dogs suffering from extreme behavioral issues and improve the quality of pet training standards. She lives in Pennsylvania and is the proud owner of two German Shepherds.

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Title: Fix You, Fix Your Dog
Author: Emily Adams
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication date: November 2023
ISBN-13: 979-8822924024
Media Contact: Emily Adams –

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