Fix You, Fix Your Dog

by Emily Adams

A new e-Book by Professional dog trainer Emily Adams for improving training standards with a new philosophy

Fix You, Fix Your Dog by Emily Adams

Now Available for Purchase as an e-Book

What makes a dog unmanageable? This is the question at the center of dog trainer Emily Adams’ new book. With over 15 years in canine training, Adams has experienced many a disobedient dog, and along the way, she has discovered what makes dogs tick. After delving into the canine psyche and learning some valuable lessons, she believes the secret to understanding a dog is simple. It starts with you. “The key to training your dog is understanding your own influence,” Adams said. “Once your eyes have been opened to this simple truth, you can easily manage unwanted behaviors.”

In “Fix You, Fix Your Dog,” Adams offers the ultimate dog training guide for dog owners. While imparting humorous personal anecdotes and insights from her experiences with some extraordinary dogs, Adams outlines an effective philosophy on dog training for even the unruliest pet. From potty training secrets and exercise tips to socialization, Adams aims to deliver actionable advice that will allow dog owners to address the specific needs of their dog by looking internally to recognize the human mistakes that result in the most common behavioral concerns. “My hope is that my unique approach will transform the way we as a society approach dog training,” Adams said.

About the Author

Emily Adams is a professional dog trainer with over fifteen years of experience in the field. She founded K9 Boot Camp, a dog training facility in New Jersey that specialized in training difficult dogs. Now working privately with clients, she continues to carry on her mission of helping rehabilitate dogs suffering from extreme behavioral issues and improve the quality of pet training standards. She lives in Pennsylvania and is the proud owner of two German Shepherds.