What Others Say About Us:

I could not recommend Emily enough. Words do not capture how wonderful K9 Elite is. I do not think I can properly articulate how reactive my dog Jabu was. Any squirrel or dog and sometimes human that passed us by would lead to a huge explosion. Multiple times I had neighbors come outside to ask us if everything was okay. It got to the point where I was driving about 20 minutes to abandoned parking lots and other areas where I knew I wouldn’t run into anything while walking him. I knew he needed training – and fast.

I was comfortable with Emily from our first consultation. It was evident to me that shehad deep knowledge of dogs and their psychology, she was professional, and I could tell she loved dogs. She took on the challenge of training Jabu with no hesitation and our lives are so much better for it. He was gone for several months because his reactivity was so bad, but I never felt in the dark about what was happening. Emily always sent me pictures and videos of his progress, and she responded quickly to progress, and she responded quickly to
questions. Once Jabu was trained, it was time to train me. During our lessons together in the handover process, Emily continued to be professional and patient .. even as it took me a while to learn the commands and how to handle Jabu. She shared so many memories and stories of labu over the months.. something I deeply appreciated, as I missed him so much while he was gone. Every time we went for our lessons, Jabu was excited to see Emily again. He would run to her, tail wagging, ready for some love. I could tell he really felt comfortable with her, trusted her and loved her, and that she loved him and cared for him as though he was her own. Honestly, I think he might even miss being at training school!!! As for his behavior… WOW. What a miracle. I used to turn into a track athlete and run in the opposite direction any time I saw anything that moved. Now, I walk with Jabu at a leisurely speed because he’s focused on me and not on hunting other four legged creatures. The dog that used to blow up at dogs 100 feet away can now sit two inches away from another dog… with no reaction.


Dog and puppy training.

“I can’t say enough great things about K9 Elite. Emily has transformed my pit bull from a fearful/aggressive dog to an overly confident dog.

Emily makes sure you understand how to help your dog and gives you all the tools you could possibly need to make sure that your dog is still growing even when they leave. My Pit Bull Max (3 years old) had extreme fear aggression and Emily took the time to explain everything they were working on while he was in the board and train program. She sent videos of his progress so we can watch him become the dog that he truly is. Her patience and knowledge sets her apart from any other trainer we have brought him to in the past. She do not stop until the work is done and they are confident the dog can be returned home.

My dog could not be around people he didn’t know without turning his fear into aggression and now, he is able to be around strangers and not even think twice about it. He has a sense of calm about him now and can finally be relaxed around people he does not know. Max also did not like my father at all and now with his new confidence, he snuggles up next to him on the couch.

Max is still a work in progress but with Emily’s guidance , I am more than confident that people will know the loving dog that I know him to be. Emily is truly miracle workers and I cannot thank them enough for everything that they have done.”


Dog and puppy training.

“I had all but lost hope in my dog before bringing him to Emily. I adopted him from a great rescue foundation and he was the sweetest, most chill dog for the first few days. Then he very quickly developed intense fear and aggression towards anybody who was not my wife or myself. We hired a trainer in our neighborhood to help us try to suppress this, but my dog mostly growled and lunged at him when he was at our house. We had him for a few more months where he had to have him on a leash at all times when indoors with friends and family.  If somebody stood up or moved, he would try to kill them. He’s great with other dogs, but not great with any humans. We read everything we could get our hands on, talked to our vet about medication (which we ended up not doing), talked to several other trainers, and the final one we talked to did an assessment at our house where our dog acted the same aggressive way. She told us that both the dog and the owner need to thrive and that he would probably never get better and suggested we talk to the adoption organization about giving him back. We were more than crushed. We ended up talking to the adoption organization and they suggested Emily and K9 Elite. We talked to Emily on the phone and were sold. We signed our dog up for the 4 week board & train bootcamp and got regular updates from Emily. She would text me photos and videos and tell me what she was working on with him. I can’t explain how happy we were to get videos and see him behaving to her command.

After about 3 1/2 weeks she said he was ready so we went to pick him up. His obedience was off the charts. We couldn’t believe it. People could walk up to us, shake our hand, and if we had him in a DOWN, he wouldn’t move until we said OKAY. In the months since we got him back, he still had some pretty intense aggression towards anybody entering our house, however, if we put him in a DOWN he doesn’t lift a paw until we release him. Just in the last 2-3 weeks, we’re able to have people over without him freaking out and can even have him off leash walking around. As long as people somewhat ignore him they can walk right by him. Instead of growling and trying to bite them he just looks skeptical. He’ll even sit on the couch next to people we have over and go to sleep.

If you do K9 Elite, I can’t reiterate enough how important it is that you’re always in training with your dog. Once they leave, they’re not cured. It’s an ongoing thing that does get better with time and patience. If you don’t keep up with it and always make the dog think they’re working, they’ll take advantage of you and get lazy and forget everything.

Emily continued to talk to me on the phone after I got him back and was beyond helpful in training me how to train properly. I would send her videos of myself and my wife doing what she taught us and she would respond with corrections.

I was almost about to give my dog back who I love more than anything, but thanks to Emily I still have him and he’s getting better every single day.”


“We decided to get a new family member i.e a French Mastiff puppy. The closest we have ever come to having a pet before this was having a goldfish. So in other words we were total newbies as far as dogs are concerned.

Emily was recommended by another trainer who couldn’t match our availability. First phone call to Emily and I was totally convinced she would be the trainer for our pup. She is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Registering for the puppy kindergarten classes was a breeze. She was accommodating and cooperative with our crazy schedules and it was evident she only had the puppy’s interest at heart.

My husband and daughter take the pup to the class on Wednesdays and from Thursday up to next Wednesday my daughter brings up Emily’s name at at least few times every day. That’s the kind of impact she has had on her. Not only does she train our pup but she trains my daughter to manage and be in better control of the pup.

In just 4 classes our beloved has shown amazing results under Emily’s training. Her professionalism and love for dogs was seen through right from our first interaction with her.

If you have a new pet or are looking to get your dog trained, honestly don’t even bother looking up anybody else, because you won’t find a better trainer and a kinder soul than Emily. Her other trainers are equally qualified and K9 will make sure you and your pet bond in the most amazing way.

I know we have a trainer for life as far as our dog is concerned. Thank you K9 and Emily for your existence.”


“With the recent addition of our Weimaraner pups into our family, K9 Elite have been instrumental in helping us establish the foundation for successful and responsible canine ownership. As dog owners it is our responsibility to train our four legged companions to be well behaved and socially adapted. Having two highly, energetic Weimaraner siblings in our home creates an intense dynamic requiring absolute adherence to positive training, repetition and structure. Emily has provided Slate and Chase with one on one private instruction specifically tailored to their breed’s particular characteristics. We later enjoyed participating in group intermediate class with e-collar which has helped shape and reinforce the behaviors in a positive manner. What we’ve found in K9 Elite is a set of highly skilled professionals trained in animal behavior with a passion for excellence. We anticipate further training to include advanced sessions as well as “Board and Train.” If you have a particular problem behavior with your dog or just want help in teaching them good manners: call Emily, she is highly recommended and can help.”

Chase and Slate

“I have been working the Emily Adams since the summer of 2013 when Maiko, my German Shepard, was 6 months old. Maiko was extremely smart and passed her classes with flying colors but she was reactive to people and dogs and I knew that I needed additional obedience training beyond the basics. Fortunately, Emily works independently as well so she started working privately with Maiko at an early age.

Maiko could not be walked around the neighborhood without jumping and barking and terrorizing people who were strolling around. My two teenage sons refused to talk her for a walk because she embarrassed them. The first time Emily took her on a private training class she came back with a video showing Maiko walking along side Anderson Avenue, a very busy avenue, without barking at anyone. She even stopped to speak to some people. Without the video, I would not have believed her. During the next few months, they also worked on greeting people and on avoiding potential situations with small children running toward the dog, people coming over the house, etc.

Maiko’s bred is a tough one. GSG’s are bred to be guard dogs and herders and need a strong pack leader. These factors are crucial to their balanced well-being. Thanks to Emily’s advice and hardwork, Maiko is now two and half years old and does very well around many situations. Emily has also trained me to read Maiko’s signs to help me to become a better owner and pack leader.

Maiko absolutely adores and respects Emily’s calm and commanding demeanor. We are lucky to have Emily be part of our lives and will continue to support her and her work for many more years to come.”


“Before Emily came into our lives Zeppelin was showing aggression towards other dogs as well as my husband. After quite a few sessions, and some boosters with Emily, Zep is now able to make new dog friends, and has limited aggression towards my husband. Her ability to understand and work with our dog’s strengths and pick up on Zeppelin’s signals was amazing.”


“I first met Emily at a group training class in April 2015. I had just adopted Scooter a couple of months ago and his foster mom recommended I do some training with him. He is very reactive to other dogs, barking uncontrollably and wanting to go toward the other dog. I was not able to get him to listen and respond to me. When I first brought him to class, he started to bark at the other dogs, and she recommended that we start with private training sessions as his barking would disrupt the class. To this date, I have had about five sessions with Emily and it has been so great and rewarding. She is great with Scooter, understands the situation and tailors the training based on his progress. We have already seen great progress have a few sessions. He responds to his name and has learned many of the basic commands. She has even brought her dog in for one session to gauge his reactivity. She also recommended a local dog walker who would work with him on socialization with other dogs and to also help advance the private sessions with her. I have followed her recommendations and so far they have been great and very helpful.

Emily is a wonderful trainer, positive and professional and makes training fun and something that my dog and I look forward to.”


“I was very lucky to have found Emily as she really helped me and my dog. I worked with her twice in obedience training for my sheltie. My dog was an excessive barker and was easily distracted. Emily taught me numerous things to correct the behavior and it changed my relationship with my dog. She is amazing, kind and very knowledgeable.”


“We are so happy and lucky to have found K9 Elite!! We started with a distressed call to Emily about our dogs; one an excessive jumper that pulled like a freight train on walks and the second, our sweet little Pittie that couldn’t be even 50ft from a dog she didn’t know. We were immediately impressed with Emily’s professionalism, knowledge, and compassion for what we were experiencing and thought, surely this is too good to be true. But it wasn’t!!!

For a more than reasonable price, Emily travelled to our home in Newark and worked one on one with each of our dogs. The tools and feedback that Emily gave us from the first week through the last made for immediate progress and noticeable positive changes in our dogs, which encouraged us to continue, even when it was challenging. We enrolled Logan in the good manners class about a month after his private lessons and he worked with Otto. Even in a group setting Otto’s attention to detail and ability to give honest feedback and personalize the experience were nothing short of amazing. It’s clear to us through our experiences working with Otto and Emily that the culture at K9 Elite is to listen to your needs and observe your dog in order to come up with a plan of action and to support you in executing that plan successfully.

In summary:
DO NOT give up on yourself or your dog! You will find the support and help you need at K9 Elite.”

Logan and Pittie

“My husband and I rescued Harley at 10 months old. In search of a medium-sized breed that would adjust well to apartment living and outdoor activities, we visited multiple shelters for weeks. Harley was a stray found wandering a park with no owner to claim him and no signs of having been trained or housed. He was extremely timid when we met him, but we were reassured by the shelter that he would get used to us soon and was friendly to people and dogs. Eager to bring our newest addition home, we fostered him that same day. Not an hour into having him, he lost his temper, fiercely barking when he saw another dog on his first walk with us. Confused, we simply kept walking. This behavior only got worse. Barking turned into pulling and pulling turned into fits of growling, barking, lunging, and thrashing that would begin the minute he even sensed another living thing within a mile. We had no idea how to handle this behavior and our walks turned into nightmares. As soon as we put on his leash and left for a walk, his chest would puff up and he became extremely vigilant and alert, reacting to any noise or sight. In addition to this, he was terrified of cars, busses, and trucks, which didn’t translate well living on a busy street. He thrashed, barked, and even nipped at us at any distraction. He’d bite his leash and even our hand if we got too close. No one could come near us while he was leashed. What we mistook for aggression was true fear and lack of confidence, which lowered our confidence as dog owners, too.

We had planned on training our dog even before meeting Harley, but these explosions made it clear that this was needed sooner rather than later. We signed up for classes at the local pet store within three weeks of owning him. Excited to start our training, we brought him in. We barely made it through the door and it was obvious he would be distracted and reactive during his time training. Desperate for help, we reached out to you for private lessons and never looked back.

Once we were able to send Harley to board-and-train, we did so. We missed him terribly while he was away, but by our first session with him, we knew made the best choice for him. He was able to walk on his leash, by our side, and had increased confidence around people, dogs, and passing vehicles. It was nearly a complete turn around. He’s been back home with us about a month, and his behavior has completely changed. He’s a happy dog on walks and can even enter pet shops calmly and confidently. He’s a hard worker and does anything to please. This really showed us that training is just as much about the dog as it is about the owner. We now know how to confidently raise a happy and well-behaved dog. We’re excited to take him to our follow-up group lessons now, where he can actually be around other dogs and people and not just behave while we train, but learn and grow.

Training Harley has been a lesson in confidence, love, and genuine patience. We’ve learned so much from the Emily and really owe our sanity to them. We can’t thank the Emily enough, and hope that anyone considering training will choose K9 Elite. Emily is knowledgeable, friendly, patient, honest, and kind, with an obvious love for what they do. Put your trust in Emily and you won’t be disappointed!”


“Before finding K9 Elite we had quite an adventure with our Wally. Initially, he started guarding random objects he would find outside. Then we noticed he started with his food and eventually certain spaces he was in. We had tried working with other trainers and although we did see progress it was not substantial enough. His behavior was so intense we had him on 80 mg of Paxil.

Finding Emily at K9 Elite was literally a lifesaver. We were at our wits end and Emily was our last resort to tackle the resource guarding. As I have told her and her staff, a million “Thank You”s would not be enough. Wally is a completely different dog. He no longer takes Paxil. He’s more confident, fun loving and most importantly, not aggressive. The amount of joy she has brought back to our lives is immeasurable. All the negative behavior has decreased. He has learned “out” and knows to “sit” when he is approached when eating. His anxiety with loud noises and cars had also improved ten fold.

I would recommend Emily, Otto and K9 Elite to anyone – there is not behavior they can’t assist or fix! We are forever indebted to her and her amazing staff and K9 Elite will always hold a very special place on our hearts.”


The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue

“As a 501(c)(3) charity, The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue is very careful with every dollar it spends. Emily was able to resolve one of our rescue Weim’s leash aggressive behavior with one session, a video for us to watch, and the right collar. She then helped another one of our Weim’s remain in it’s foster home with telephone consultations.

If we could, we would recommend that every family who gets a Weimaraner puppy to book time with K9 Elite before the dog comes home, or better yet, send the puppy there for the two week intensive training. For sure it will be the best investment you can make in your new family member.”

The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue